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stanza style view homes

Not all plots require a full Showhome, especially on a smaller development.  If you are not looking to spend a large amount of money, a View Home package can offer great selling benefits.  We supply fully fitted curtains, blinds and light fittings, including carpet if needed to either a View Plot or even a plot that is sticking and won’t sell.


It is amazing what curtains and lighting can do to a house - such additions transform the look and feel of a property immediately, making the rooms feel instantly warmer.

​We provide this service at a Trade price to you.  When you have someone interested in purchasing that plot, you then have the option of selling the fittings to the buyer or using them as a negotiating tool when putting the deal together.

For example, you may have spent £2,200 with us to install the view home package at Trade price, but if your customer were to go out and buy curtains and light fittings in the shops themselves, they would pay at least double that. 

Our View Home packages provide both additional incentives for potential purchasers and profit for you, as you can sell them for £4,400 when only cost you half that!

View Home packages have proven highly effective for many of our developers.

Alex Egan, Director

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